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Game On!

Building on TippingPoint’s expertise in creating gatherings for artists, scientists and others to respond to the issue of climate change, Game On! proposes a new approach to navigating the high roads and the dead ends that abound as the impacts of climate change become more visible. We know what the problem is, how hairy it is, and how depressing it is; and we know how we got here. Now let’s do something about it.

Game On! is part forum, part game, part collaborative action planning – a chance to develop ideas that contribute to the seismic cultural shift we’ll need for a future we want. What are you working on that other people can jump in on? What do you have to offer (time, energy, skills and knowledge)?

Dynamically facilitated by Matt Wicking and Angharad Wynne-Jones with master game-maker, Harry Lee, and filled to the brim with artists, scientists, futurists, gamers, activists, pragmatists and optimists, Game On! is an opportunity to make up our minds to do something. Together.

If you would like to make a contribution to the discussion on the day you can, simply submit your project ideas via this link.

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Presented by Arts House and TippingPoint Australia
Publication Workshop facilitated by Aphids