Tristan Meecham and Yvette Turnbull in collaboration with everyday community experts - The Everyday Imaginarium
Tristan Meecham and Yvette Turnbull in collaboration with everyday community experts

The Everyday Imaginarium

Invigorate your imagination and join us for this new age spectacular filled with everyday experts, showcasing alternative approaches and sustainable ways to live large and local.

The Everyday Imaginarium is a treasure trove filled with provocations and alternative green medicine. Transforming the North Melbourne Town Hall balcony, with advice from environmental wizards, local oracles and serene storytellers, these experts will set up shop to share their specific tangential knowledge and expertise with you.

This town hall bazaar ignites local passions, values small ideas and trades on chats and storytelling. Invigorate your imagination with everyday experts showcasing alternative ways to live large and local.

Introducing our Everyday Oracles:

  • Are you fatigued by Climate Change? This counseling session is designed for you!

Tom Doig, currently completing his PhD on people’s lived experiences of climate change, has been quoted as saying climate change is a headf@#k. He argues climate change is a cultural phenomenon affecting every aspect of our lives. Doig will offer free, totally unprofessional counselling sessions for those who are sick of climate change – or climate change deniers, or windmills, or all of the above. Use this session to complain, cry and scream about the damn climate. Let it all out and be honest – climate change is driving you crazy!

  • Community Consultation: Urban Designs in Rewilding

Stephen Mushin will host one-on-one community consultation around Rewilding in Urban Environments.  Stephen’s schemes include; launching Cowships to provide milk above cities, simply by floating cows in the sky and propelling them, using their own methane gas; or employing tigers and kangaroos into urban environments as taxis for busy city commuters. Approve Stephen’s wild ideas for rewilding and reimaging Melbourne as a zero emissions city.

  • Practical workshops for Pica curious Geophags

Dressed as Costa Georgiadis, Davina Adamson will deliver workshops for those hungry to explore Pica. Pica is a condition characterized by an aggressive appetite for non-nutritive substances such as chalk, glass, leaves, grass, rocks and clay. Adamson expertise is Geophagy, the practice of digesting soil-like substrates such as clay and soil. Book this practical workshop to taste some of Davina’s favourite dirt samples. It’s just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy!

  • Personal Environmental Audits: Do I look green in this?

Sam Hoffman will offer environmental audits to assess how you can reduce Methane, Polyethylene and YouTube (the three fountains of waste) from your life. Over a spreadsheet and a number of questions, Sam will assess the nature and extent of harm, or risk of harm, to the environment posed by you. You will leave with practical ways to reduce reuse and recycle, you dirty little creatures!

  • Move over Peter Cundell, there is a real plant doctor in town!

Bob Reid is The Everyday Imaginarium’s very own plant doctor. Bob has over 40 years’ experience in agriculture and has an international reputation in plant collecting and pasture germplasm research and development. Bob has worked in over 20 countries and was formerly Head of Field Program of the International Board for Plant and Genetic Resources and Director of Agriculture in the Falkland Islands. One of the most experienced seed-whisperers in the country, Bob will answer questions about your plants or seeds. Bring your plants along for that extra-worldly special TLC and advice.

  • Environmental Tarot and Charka Readings with tangible consultation

Our resident mystic is Sylvie Leber, a member of the Green Sages and expert in tarot card reading. The Everyday Imaginarium would not be complete without someone foretelling the future and answering your big questions? We will all burn to death? We will move to another planet when Gina destroys earth? Will I have children? Will the clean up my mess?

  • The Green Room: Green your life, your home, and your spirit!

Meet Emily Ballantyne-Brodie, founder of Urban Reforestation a local Melbourne business that has a vision to inspire and design happy, healthy and green cities. Urban Reforestation aims to create sustainable everyday lifestyles in urban places, enable liveable sustainability in communities and inspire new neighbourhoods to be green in fresh new ways. Emily’s vision is to inspire places that have community connectedness, social entrepreneurship, vitality and lots of green! Emily will provide practical ways in which you can green your life, your home and your spiritual life.

  • Life drawings with Going Nowhere resident chook “Blackberry”

Marjorie Barnett is a member of COTA’s Green Sages.  The Green Sages is an action group concerned about climate change and the direct impacts of more extreme weather on vulnerable older people, and the legacy the current generation is leaving for our children and grandchildren. As part of The Everyday Imaginarium, Marjorie will be hosting live ‘chook’ drawing sessions with her friend, household pet chicken Blackberry. Expand your artistic skills over a casual conversation peppered with information about the Green Sages and their great work.

  • Storytelling with Uncle Larry Walsh

Our final addition to the Imaginarium is Uncle Larry Walsh. Uncle Larry Walsh is a local Aboriginal cultural leader and storyteller. Uncle Larry is one of the only senior Elders in Melbourne who focuses specifically on storytelling, ensuring the cultural continuity of his ancient oral traditions. Uncle Larry is a pure storyteller. You can book in for the privilege of listening to Uncle Larry’s stories about the land, the environment, spirit animals and the importance of environmental preservation.

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